Located in FLORIDA

Aero is an astonishing young stallion who is positively brilliant. His willingness to please and immerse himself graciously and totally into his work is so rewarding to watch.  After only 8 weeks under saddle he is beginning to emerge with the flash of what he is capable of manifesting in the dressage arena.  As you can see in his video, Aero sparkles with an eye-catching radiance when he opens his trot to show off his ability and talent.  The video was taken new location, with many distractions, yet Aero listened to his rider/trainer all the time and generously offered to give as much as was asked of him.  This is such a testament to his kind heart and nature. VIDEO LINK

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2011 Andalusian Dressage Prospect



Omni has extremely elevated movement with great reach as well.  His gaits are very cadenced, and he will delight you with his quick and balanced pirouettes coming from a very strong hindquarter. OMNI is in full training with prof. dressage trainer and is going well!  Sired by AMOROSO XLII the imported bay Escalera branded stallion owned by Cortijo Las Morerias.  He is loving with an impish charm and active mind. For Experienced riders. Ocala, FL.  Liberty video & photos by Stunning Steeds. 



2007  P.R.E.  Stallion Schooling I-1 and Grand Prix          
Imported Stallion, Amateur friendly, Competing at FEI levels
This stunning PRE stallion is traditionally Spanish in conformation and brings the classic beauty and athleticism all together in one package. He is schooling all the GP movements and is a pleasure to ride.  A fabulous ladies partner who has successfully competed and is very well suited for an intermediate level rider.
VIDEO LINK I   -  VIDEO LINK II  -   Contact us for full details 

2013 P.R.E. Spanish Stallion

Located in Texas, this is a very well bred baroque stallion with incredible breed type and talent for dressage.  A very beautiful stallion who turns heads and captures everyone's heart.  He is fun to ride, both sensitive and responsive to aids, lots of brio and the exceptional work ethic the breed is known for.  Ideally suited for an experienced amateur working with a trainer.  He has schooled 2nd level dressage and ready to school 3rd level.   Dual registration in the USA and Spain. Appropriate as a breeding stallion.  Located in Houston, Texas.  Contact us for full details 

ACERTIJO  Multi-National Champion - SOLD

2006 Imported PRE Revised Stallion


Acertijo possesses traditional Spanish type, and a flamboyant style with extreme movements. His dramatic presence, nobility and powerful physique  makes an indelible impression on you when you meet him.
He has not disappointed in the show arena, having dazzled the judges with his athleticism and versatility. This accomplished athlete has a long list of accolades - Nat'l Grand Champion under saddle, in driving, conformation (halter), and best movement!  Acertijo brings a rich legacy to your breeding program or competition goals from the venerable breeders Miguel Angel Cardenas, Miguel Bohorquez, and Nobleza del Guadiana. He is an ALBERO II grandson.  Best suited for experienced rider. in NC.



Located in FLORIDA 

DOB: August 2011

TRAINING: Schooling full time, started under saddle Fall 2015. excellent handling and ground manners, loads, ties, leads, travels well, stands for farrier, no stud chain required for handling. Slow maturing, but worth the wait.

CHARACTER: extremely calm, smart and compliant. No bad habits. Respectful and willing. Top bloodlines from M.A. Cardenas, Romero Benitez, Nobleza del Guadiana, Muira with many Champions of Spain and Olympic relatives, outstanding pedigree.


2012 Bay P.R.E. Stallion                                                                
Cairo is a striking, well developed stallion with beauty, impressive substance and excellent proportions. This glamorous stallion puts it all together in a harmonious, athletic package, with eye appeal sure to capture the judges attention. His pedigree is star studded with renown champions bred here on US soil, including Teodoro & Navarre, with incredible Spanish heritage from the lines of Guardiola, Escalera and Terry. He has dressage schooling and in the right hands will go far with potential for the FEI ring.   ANCCE revised. Located in Ohio.


PRE & Spanish Andalusian Stallions for Sale


2013 P.R.E. Revised Spanish Stallion                       

Bred by the fifth generation breeder Miguel Bohorquez of Spain and imported to the U.S. His sire is the Qualified / Calificado stallion Leviton  XII. ​Dorado possesses intelligence and a tremendous natural talent and grace.  Dorado was started under saddle in 2016 and shows great promise as a sporthorse prospect, with ample talent to take in almost any direction. Great bone and structure. He has an exemplary work ethic with bold animated movement and lots of presence, yet he has such a big heart and willingness to please. He has been working under saddle and loves to move cattle. Dorado has very high potential to excel in doma vaquero, working equitation and dressage.  ANCCE revised. Located in MT. 


2006 P.R.E. Spanish Andalusian Stallion

Multiple National Champion Stallion  VIDEO LINK 
A regal stallion of superb quality and breeding with an impressive multi-discipline show record. Among his numerous championship titles, he has accrued national awards as well as two Lifetime Merit Awards and the USDF Dressage Sport Horse Grand Champion of Show. Currently schooling 4th level and PSG movements. If you enjoy a variety of passions and want a proud stallion to create imaginative exhibitions, musical presentations or other adventures, look no further. A one in a million horse who is a producer of gorgeous show winning offspring. A stallion of this quality does not come along very often. Best suited for a confident experienced rider. 


2013 Pure Spanish Stallion

Located in NM

This 5 year old bay stallion is going well in classical dressage training, he could excel in doma vaquera, working equitation, dressage..he is a grandson of both Teodoro and Ingrato IX/Axis by Lebrijano III. Dam's grandsire is Leviton. Espiritu has a curious mind and enjoys learning. He is well balanced with smooth gaits. He has had extensive in hand and long line work. Already, he is working very well under saddle with transitions, shoulder in, travers, and beginning Spanish Walk under saddle; additionally, working some piaffe in hand. Best suited for experienced rider.


2016 Andalusian Stallion

15H Perlino Stallion
Introducing JALON, a dazzling, rare Perlino Spanish stallion with power and impulsion that will remind you of a bullfighting stallion.  Very expressive gaits, free shoulder, hock articulation, and the bonus guarantee to produce dilute colors.   He is smart and kind with a laid back temperament. If you are looking for a smaller, compact well built stallion with the athletic prowess to work in most any discipline, this is your guy. Contact us for video.  Located in Oregon    


2012 Imported P.R.E. Andalusian Stallion
If you are attracted to the Spanish or Iberian breeds for their ease of handling, disposition & smooth gaits - and desire to have a competitive edge in the dressage competition arena - this is the horse for you.   Gorrion is gifted with many attributes, including his impressive size at 18H, excellent conformation and the athletic potential to excel. His classic heritage is filled with the who's who of the top Spanish famed dressage breeders - Escalera, Boloix,  Bohorquez, Guardiola, Lazo and YM.  He is in full prof. training and advancing quickly. Ready for your next adventure!  Located in Ocala, FL  


2004 Imported PRE Andalusian Stallion

This outstanding stallion was imported from Spain's prestigious Miguel Angel Cardenas stud. Sired by CLASICO MAC, Champion of Spain, Calificado/Qualified rated stallion.  Bandolero is a noble, elegant gentleman with much to offer the amateur rider or breeder. Whether you are a seasoned breeder or a recent aficionado, this hair-raising stallion carries emblematic world class bloodlines and worthy of a place as a flagship foundation stallion. He is not currently in consistent training, yet is a safe & steady gentleman, ready to ride at a moments notice without any fireworks. He has some high school /upper level movements, including piaffe and passage. In addition he has an impressive show record in limited showings. Located in TX.  INQUIRE FOR VIDEO LINKS


2016 Imported Cremello P.R.E. Stallion

Located in FLORIDA

TIBERIUS - Baroque style imported 2016 cremello P.R.E Stallion in Ocala, Florida. Revised with ANCCE, offering size, excellent bone substance, intelligence, wonderful character, and guaranteed color producer. Straight movement with elevation and extension. Just starting under saddle. Tall for his age at 16.3H and still growing. His sire is 173 cm tall with impressive lineage from YM, Conde Munoz, Terry, Bohorquez, Cardenas. Color tested -  ggEeaacrcr. 

Text 720.296.4524 or email for details. Located in Florida.


See for more stallions

See for more stallions

PRE & Andalusian Portfolio


2011 PRE Revised 17H Spanish Stallion

Riveting presence, imposing size and stunning gaits are just a few of the qualities of this top tier PRE stallion.  Adamo is a well mannered 17H gentleman with an excellent work ethic.  Preparing for the FEI dressage arena, he is schooling laterals at all gaits, has counter canter and is working on flying changes and canter pirouettes.  Adamo has a long floaty stride, is comfortable to sit and ideally forward.  He conquered the show scene at his debut dressage shows, impressing the judges with scores in the 70s, receiving high point award. He yielded top placements at USDF sport  horse in hand and IALHA shows. An outstanding prospect for the professional, or AA who wants a special horse for years of success and accomplishments.