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Qualified/Calificado P.R.E. at Stud

Imported Black Bay 16.2H PRE
Guardiola Bloodlines carries black & bay genes
Frozen Semen Available Year Round
Faralay carries black and bay genes.
Imported from Spain as a three year old, this Qualified, FEI dressage stallion has made his mark in the US, both as a show horse and more importantly, through the significant accomplishments of his sons and daughters.  His offspring are known for their extreme athleticism and charisma, performing well in halter classes and often winning the Best Movement medals at the ANCCE morphology shows.
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Templar M

2005 Bay Spanish Stallion at Stud

Son of Conquistador Xii (above), this metallic bay Spanish exemplary breeding stallion is producing the wow factor. Like his sire he Imparts dazzling movement to his foals as well as his superior intelligence, bravery and beautiful conformation.  Registered in USA and inscribed in the Spanish studbook.  A.I. only,  Fresh Cooled Semen Overnight Shipping. Owned by Andalusians de Mythos Photos by Elise Genest. 

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Stallions At Stud - Andalusian, P.R.E., Pure Spanish, PRE,  Standing in 2019

Conquistador XII

1998 P.R.E. Revised 16.1H STALLION

Black stallion with baroque, classical conformation. Indiano XVIII x Jordana, PRE mare sired by GENIL, Champion of Spain bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas. Almost --pure Carthusian (Cartujano or Bocado)  bloodlines, a very rare occurence in black.   Excellent bone substance, 27cm canon bones. Delivers his exceptional movement with elevation and extensions, deep overtracking. Imparts his best qualities to his foals, including intelligence, straight legs, beautiful head and arched neck, powerful engine, round croup, low tail set and exceptional manners. Homozygous black. DNA color tested. Registered in USA and revised in Spain (ANCCE).   A.I. only,  Fresh Cooled. Owned by Andalusians de Mythos. See More   




DOB: April 2008

TRAINING: Schooling 2 & 3rd level

Sired by Olympic stallion, Fuego de Cardenas an ANCCE qualified/calificado. Schooling with amateur rider. Shown to gold medal best movement award at ANCCE show (ANCCE judges) also shown in dressage.
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2003 Imported PRE 16H Stallion

Arrioso is a gorgeous grey stallion imported from Spain's prestigious stud farm of Miguel Angel Cardenas. He is a kind and generous show winner with cross discipline training.  If you are looking for a flagship breeding stallion, Arrioso has impeccable bloodlines. Sired by Gitano MAC, a Qualified/Calificado PRE stallion (Miguel Angel Cardenas) and his dam's sire is Clasico MAC, Champion of Spain and also Qualified/Calificado by ANCCE. Arrioso is registered in the USA and revised in the Spanish studbook.   FRESH COOLED SEMEN OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. Visit his website


Imported P.R.E. at Stud

Imported Heterozygous Grey PRE Stallion
1999 Grey 16.1H PRE Revised Stallion
Carthusian  Cartujano  Bocado Lineage
Fresh Cooled or Frozen Semen Available
Outstanding produce of baroque style offspring
with extraordinary temperaments and movements.
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Frozen Semen Available Year Round
Owned by Rancho el Afortunado
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Grey Imported Qualified/Calificado P.R.E. at Stud

Imported Heterozygous Grey PRE Stallion
Lovera Bloodlines top and bottom
Frozen Semen Available Year Round
Owned by Rancho el Afortunado
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