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Feedback from QUARTO's New Owner

April 2013 Spanish Andalusian Colt 


From the first contact I had with Tina and Susan my entire Andalusian experience has been wonderful. The quality of the horses I ultimately chose from from was second to none. Tina and Susan handled every detail and kept the process honest and stress free for me . I have had my new colt at home for over a month and a day doesn't go by that I'm not happy with him. He is incredibly intelligent, kind and a quick learner. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment and success in the dressage ring.

  Many thanks to Tina and Susan ..... Irene M  


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Feedback from QUIJOTE's New Owner

2013 Spanish Andalusian Colt 

Quijote is doing magnificent! We achieved a big first today, and I wrote a blogpost for my friends and family that I thought you might like to see, along with some pictures. We have made great progress in these last 2 weeks, and have achieved a new level of bond and communication. He is very zen, and is making fast friends with some of the quiet geldings. He is getting plenty of turnout, and tons of handling. I took him out for walks on the trail four times this week and he was absolutely amazing. We have been practicing for our upcoming halter class and he is completely in tune with me, watching every subtle cue to know what is coming next. He follows me on a loose lead, stops when I stop, and has become patient while I do other things. Of course, he is also getting tons of love, and is returning that love a thousand fold. As soon as I praise him (for dropping his head, or walking over a plastic tarp) he melts like a puddle of butter. And then I melt too.

The entire barn is a-m-a-z-e-d at how quickly he is grasping new tasks, and at this wonderful attitude and personnality.

 Nathalie in Canada