2018 PRE Andalusian Grey Filly

 by Gorrion, 18H Imported Bay Stallion
 A striking tall beauty so similar to her half sister, it is clear that their sire Gorrion passes on his best qualities. At the impressive size of 18H, he will likely contribute size to this lovely filly. He is greying (from a grey mare) but carries the black gene. Liker her half brother, Dominico, she has a fantastic pedigree, combining some of Spain's most prominent studs - Boloix, Escalera, Urquijo, Bohorquez, Muira, YM! Her half sister, Divina, is also available. Ocala, FL. Price $11K    See them both at this video link -


2012 PRE Imported Mare by Qualified Sire
This is your opportunity to own a stunning imported ANCCE revised PRE mare possessing exceptional qualities from notable bloodlines rarely seen in the USA. She may be purchased bred or open! Her ANCCE qualified sire is son of Pampero V (Marin Garcia). Her dam's sire is also ANCCE Qualified, and she sports an amazing star studded pedigree with Guardiola, Miguel Angel Cardenas, Bohorquez, Domecq. Price $22K  Located in Florida 

PRE & Spanish Andalusian Mares & Fillies

PRE & Spanish Andalusian Colts - Weanlings to 2 years


2012 Imported P.R.E. Andalusian Stallion
If you are attracted to the Spanish or Iberian breeds for their ease of handling, disposition & smooth gaits - and desire to have a competitive edge in the dressage competition arena - this is the horse for you.   Gorrion is gifted with many attributes, including his impressive size at 18H, excellent conformation and the athletic potential to excel. His classic heritage is filled with the who's who of the top Spanish famed dressage breeders - Escalera, Boloix,  Bohorquez, Guardiola, Lazo and YM.  He is in full training with a European trainer and advancing quickly. Ready for your next adventure!  Located in Ocala, FL.


2017  P.R.E. Andalusian Colt
Campeon is a charcoal grey big moving colt who turns 2 this Spring. He has gorgeous movement, lots of bone substance. Located in central Florida with potential for upper level dressage. Price $20K    Located in Ocala, FLA.  

OCT VIDEO   -    VIDEO as long yearling


PRE Imported Gelding

2006 Grandson of Ermitaño III, Elite Stallion 

A beautiful gelding from dressage bloodlines in Spain. Julio stands apprx 16H. He has had time off work due to no fault of his own. Needs a couple months time to bring back into condition. Has schooled flying change in the past. Imported from Spain, very balanced conformation. He is in need of conditioning and a tune up, but there is training in there! TRAIL SAFE, AMATEUR FRIENDLY, best suited for rider with some experience.   Ocala, FLA.   VIDEO  -  VIDEO II  -  VIDEO III   -  VIDEO IV


2018 PRE Andalusian Filly

 by Gorrion, 18H Imported Bay Stallion
This elegant, tall beauty has impressive gaits and a sweet disposition. Her imported black PRE sire Gorrion stands at 18H. He is greying (from a grey mare) but carries the black gene. She is half sister to Dominico and shares a fantastic pedigree, combining some of Spain's most prominent studs - Boloix, Escalera, Urquijo, Bohorquez, Muira, YM!  Her half sister, Donatella, is also available. Located in Ocala, FLA  Price $11K  See them both at this video link -


2011 Pure Spanish Andalusian Mare - half sister to Olympian FUEGO de Cardenas!

If you are seeking a round, baroque mare with traditional type, you need look no further. Carmona has presence and personality to spare! Bred for dressage with straightforward movement, nice extensions at the trot. She was started professionally after her 3rd birthday. This flashy girl will need to be restarted, but is very welling, responsive and ready to work. And it gets better. Her sire is Utrerano VII, one of only 4 ELITE rated stallions of all time. Her half brother is the world renown Olympian, Fuego de Cardenas (Spanish Olympic Team). She is a Best Movement winner at a breed show. Leads, halters, ties, wash rack, clips, and easily handles farrier work. FPSH registered, eligible for Spanish studbook. Located in FLA.  $22K    VIDEO LINK 

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2018 PRE Andalusian Colt

 by Gomero III, 17H Imported Bay Stallion
This beautiful bay colt has all the makings of a future dressage contender. This stud colt has a great deal of bone substance and is developing beautifully with good proportions and balanced gaits. ANCCE (Spanish Studbook) eligible. Located in Ocala, Florida. Price $15,000   



2017 Andalusian Bay Filly
This lovely bay filly was born with a sweet and loving personality and a generous nature. She will be so easy to train. She gets along well in the herd with others, is brave and curious. She is tall for her age, should reach 16H or possibly more. Her dam's lineage includes the famous Garrison lines of Castilblanco III and Legionario III as well as Valido from Cardenas and Ocioso VIII from Romero Benitez - each are champions, all up close in her pedigree.  Sired by the 17H bay imported stallion, Gomero III.  She is not revisable with the Spanish studbook, but is registerable with all USA registries.   Located in Ocala, FLA.  

Price $15K


2007 PRE Imported Buckskin Mare 
This beautiful buckskin PRE (ANCCE Revised) mare is one outstanding producer. She currently has a gorgeous filly at her side with stunning looks and fabulous personality that will easily reach 17H. Ready to breed back for a 2020 foal, available open or can be put in foal to one of 4 PRE stallions on site. Argentina is sired by Pegaso IV, and is primarily from YM and Carujano lines. Located in Ocala FL.  Price $22K


PRE & Spanish Andalusian Horses in Ocala, FL

2018 PRE Grey Colt
Dom has such a promising future. Whether you are looking for a performance gelding or a breeding stallion, he has the movement, size and temperament to fit the ticket. His imported black sire stands at 18H. He is greying (from a grey mare) but carries the black gene. He has a fantastic pedigree, combining some of Spain's most prominent studs - Boloix, Escalera, Urquijo, Bohorquez, Muira, YM! This beauty has the character and athleticism to fulfill your competition or breeding goals. If desired can be gelded upon purchase and travel after healing. Located in Ocala, FLA.  Price $17,500

PRE & Spanish Andalusian GELDINGS

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PRE & Andalusian Portfolio


2011 Bay Imported P.R.E. Mare
NAVIERA is a gorgeous example of the breed with a beautiful topline, excellent proportions and powerful movement. She exudes a grand presence and unmistakable quality and pride of race. Primarily from the renown Guardiola and Escalera bloodlines- pillars of the breed and present in many dressage breeding programs. She is available open or bred back.   Located in Ocala, FLA.  $22K


PRE & Spanish Andalusian STALLIONS


2019 PRE Grey Andalusian Colt

 by Carceño II,  Imported Carthusian Cartujano Stallion
Pure Carthusian, or Cartujano line is a rare and pure line of Andalusians dating back to the mid 13th century. There are only about 1.000 in existence today with a very limited number in the USA.  They are known for their baroque type and breed fidelity, as well as regal demeanor and extravagant movement. There are still a few breeders focused on preserving this line. In Spain, they have been declared a national monument under protection of the dept. of Antiquities.  Hermes is available with retained breedings to an approved home.   Located in Ocala, Florida. Inquire for price and more details.   


2019 PRE Andalusian Filly

 by Gorrion, 18H Imported Bay Stallion x Argentina PM, buckskin mare
This breathtaking filly has a sweet and loving personality and a generous nature. She will be so easy to train. She is brave and curious and loves affection and attention. Prada is beautifully put together and like a young princess, she moves with the air of royalty. She is tall for her age, should reach 16.3H or possibly more. Her beautiful 16.3H buckskin dam is imported from Spain and carries the brand of Paco Marti. She is sired by the 17H bay imported champion stallion, Gomero III.  Ocala, FL. Price $18K

PRE & Spanish Andalusian Fillies Age 1-2 yrs


2016 Imported Cremello P.R.E. Stallion

Located in FLORIDA

TIBERIUS - Baroque style imported 2016 cremello P.R.E Stallion in Ocala, Florida. Revised with ANCCE, offering size, excellent bone substance, intelligence, wonderful character, and guaranteed color producer. Straight movement with elevation and extension. Just starting under saddle. Tall for his age at 16.3H and still growing. His sire is 173 cm tall with impressive lineage from YM, Conde Munoz, Terry, Bohorquez, Cardenas. Color tested -  ggEeaacrcr.   Located in Florida.


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2018 P.R.E. Black Filly

Almost pure Carthusian / Bocado, Fendi is a very leggy black filly with straight, ground covering extensions and lovely suspension to her trot. Her canter is lofty and she has deep overstride at the walk. She is elegant and very tall, expected to reach 16.1H.  Her bloodlines include these famed Spanish studs,  Nobleza del Guadiana, Maipe, Romero Benitez, and Miguel Angel Cardenas, a recipe for absolute quality.  $16K

Located in Ocala, FLA 


2017 PRE Andalusian Colt

Caravaggio will turn heads with his beautiful proportions and angles, balanced gaits and athleticism. Here is a beautiful colt with talent and a promising future. His gorgeous dam was imported from the renown stud Torreluna in Spain. Don't miss this opportunity. Located in Ocala, FLA.  OCTOBER VIDEO    -    APRIL VIDEO