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2013 Grey  P.R.E. Gelding

Located in FLORIDA 

Looking for a quintessential beauty?  Fuego is absolutely dreamy 16.3H  statuesque boy!  He was started under saddle about a year ago and has w/t/c and movement well suited for dressage. He has tons of handling and is a very lovable character. Double mane, a real glamorous looker with a promising future.  Located in South Florida.



2013 Grey Imported P.R.E. Gelding

Located in FLORIDA 

Amateur friendly and going well under saddle.  Bred by the acclaimed AYALA stud in Spain, Macareno is by anyone's standards a superb specimen of the breed. His dam is the calificado mare Macareno RAM by Educado X [calificado] and his sire is a son of the Bohorquez stallion, Yeguerito III. Offered to the discriminating breed enthusiast seeking the finest quality from exceptional bloodlines bred to excel in dressage. Located in South Florida. Video available.


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2015 Bay Andalusian Gelding

SUPREMO has inherited the powerful movement of his sire, TEMPLAR M, He is blossoming into a leggy, super athlete and shows promise for the FEI levels. He has impressive overreach and remarkable implusion. Supremo has the wonderful Iberian mind, sane, smart and willing! He is very easy to work with, excellent ground manners!  Started under saddle with no resistance, no buck, bolt, just takes everything in with a great attitude. Perfectly suited for dressage, working equitation or eventing. His sire Templar M (PRE Andalusian) is an Indiano grandson, his imported Lusitano APSL dam is bred by Interagro and a Dragao granddaughter. IALHA registered purebred S/P (Spanish Portuguese).  Houston, TX.  VIDEO LINK

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2013 Azteca Bay Gelding

Located in TX

This gorgeous baroque bay Azteca gelding has always been super quiet and calm, even while he was a stallion. He is going well under saddle and has a willing attitude and desire to please. At his first western dressage show, he brought home the blue ribbon first time out with an amateur rider that had never been on his back!  In October he won two IALHA National Championship and two reserve awards, this his 2nd time out to show!  Truly a great future ahead for dressage or WE. He has also been worked a little around the cows.  Sired by Templar M. Email for video links!


2010  Spanish Andalusian Gelding

A  classical Spanish beauty with fairytale looks!  Graceful and fluid moving, this stunning Andalusian gelding is from the famous bloodlines of Miguel Angel Cardenas. In professional dressage training, he has been lovingly raised by his breeder and prepared for an Amateur partner. He is affectionate, friendly and willing. Excellent Dressage, Sporthorse, working equitation, driving trails, pleasure. Located in TX 

P.R.E. Spanish Andalusian Geldings for Sale


2015 P.R.E. Gelding Dressage Prospect

 Botero is an elegant bay Purebred Spanish Andalusian gelding. He is brave, very kind and inquisitive with a very sweet disposition  He  is a straight mover with uphill conformation. Nice cadence in his trot and natural balance. He is currently 16 hands and growing.  Recently started under saddle in Fall 2018, he exhibits a very uphill canter with powerful impulsion. They do not come sweeter than this boy! Located in Ocala. Email for video link.  

Raza - SOLD

2005 Grey Andalusian P.R.E. Gelding

Located in Colorado

Beautiful, sensitive and kind 15.2H gay gelding. The precious Raza is a glamorous 2005 PRE Andalusian Gelding. He is totally Amateur friendly, safe, flirty & fun! He is enchanting, loves attention, with a huge personality. Raza is schooling dressage full time, has show experience and is trail safe. His fantastic movement is no accident, it comes from an exceptional pedigree with Indiano, Genil, Leviton. Raza has a strong desire to please and willingness to work. He loves to be in the limelight..  Video link 

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PRE & Andalusian Portfolio


2007 Lusitano/PRE Alta Escuela PSG Trained

Imported High School Classical Gelding from Spain
Chocolate is a one of a kind remarkable gelding with both Spanish and Portuguese bloodlines. He is trained by a rider from the Real Escuela in Jerez and has a fantastic piaffe and passage, pirouette and flying change.  In addition to these movements, he is accomplished in the upper level movements called airs above the ground:  Levada, Corveta, as well as Spanish Walk, and he sits down, lies down, and bows with rider.  This totally unique horse with his classical high school training is available now and located in New York.   He has papers from Spain and is a chocolate palomino (no grey). A dynamic ladies partner well suited for an intermediate level rider.  if you are looking for an exhibition partner, this is the unforgettable one not to be missed.

JULIO - PRE Imported Gelding  ~  SOLD

2006 Grandson of Ermitaño III, Elite Stallion 

A beautiful gelding from dressage bloodlines in Spain. Julio stands apprx 16H. He has had time off work due to no fault of his own. Needs a couple months time to bring back into condition. Has schooled flying change in the past. Imported from Spain, very balanced conformation. He is in need of conditioning and a tune up, but there is training in there! TRAIL SAFE, AMATEUR FRIENDLY, best suited for rider with some experience. Super price - reduced in January - was priced in low $20sK - NOW PRICED AT $12K. Ocala, FLA.   VIDEO  -  VIDEO II  -  VIDEO III   -  VIDEO IV


2009 Bay 16H Andalusian Gelding

Located in central CALIF (near San Jose airport)

Valentin has much to offer the adult amateur rider with interests in a variety of pursuits.  He is brave and confident, with an earnest dedication to his work and 100% try. He has lovely gaits, fabulous lateral work, flying changes and capacity for tempes and upper levels.  Familiar with bloodlines? His dam is branded Escalera and is the half sister to ERMITAÑO III, Elite class PRE stallion.  He is a trailblazer who has been all over mountains and forests, alone or boldly leading the group. He is FUN and very light in the hand.  He seeks a relationship bond... and he will deliver a partnership that will take you far!  Suited for dressage, western dressage, working equitation. Well suited for an AA rider with a balanced seat and light connection. Email or call for video links.

Sold Andalusian Geldings


May 2012 P.R.E. Dressage Prospect


Primo MC is a fantastic package of elegance and athletic ability. Impressive impulsion from behind with a lovely uphill canter. He is measured at 16H tall and has an elegant build.  His dam has produced 3 national champions. His sire was bred by Miguel Bohorquez in Spain and 3/4 brother to the 2005 SICAB Champion of Champions.  Professional training with classical master from Spain, excellent ground manners. Trail experience. Amateur friendly. Price reduced. Located in Ocala, FL


2015 Spanish Andalusian Gelding

VIDEO LINK        

Tall & handsome, calm & sweet, plus movement for the dressage ring – this young colt is the ideal partner for the serious amateur to take up the levels.  You will not find a more cooperative and willing boy!  Sultano’s early education includes positive reinforcement training for cooperative care.  He’s the first to meet you at the gate, self-halters, easily loads/unloads on step-up and ramp trailers, calmly leads away from his pasture buddies, knows a verbal cue to stand/stay, cross-ties, is quiet for the farrier, trained for eye and ear handling, stands still for saddle pad, saddle, bare-back pad and girth, takes the bit with a voice cue, walks over tarps, and gives pony rides to giant inflatable flamingo!   Ocala FL


2009 Black 16H Andalusian Gelding             

Classical Dressage, W.E., Trails

Zorro is seeking a life long best friend and partner. He likes working equitation, going out on adventures & trails and is happiest being with his human partner. He has an active mind and is a very charming boy, but he can get bored with the repetitive nature of arena work and prefers a more diverse lifestyle than to focus solely on dressage.  Zorro is fun to ride, has comfortable gaits and wants to please. He's a great horse to learn upper level collected work!  He has piaffe,  passage, a green flying change.  He competed at W.E. - Intermed A test with a simple change and Intermed B with flying change. Can be ridden with bareback pad & halter. Well suited for an advanced beginner with a trainer.  Located in WA state.   VIDEO LINK     VIDEO LINK II


2005 Grey Andalusian Gelding             

Dressage & Trick Training

Desi is a total standout and gets noticed where ever he goes with his undeniable presence and air of nobility.  He has three excellent gaits and has training confirmed at second level dressage, This statuesque 15.2H beauty is oh so smart and he appreciates a confident rider. He also knows some awesome tricks, he can get on a pedestal, bow,  Spanish walk, and more.  He needs his own special partner to bond with him and dote over him.  Contact us for details.   VIDEO LINK


2009 Bay 16.2H Andalusian Gelding

Located in Maryland

Al has brilliant movement and the desire to please his rider. He has TONS OF MILES and has been leased by a youth rider. Show and trail experience, training in police work, and he LOVEs to jump! AL has been out to schooling shows and handles himself well in a show environment. He is schooling 2nd level. He is sensitive to the aids. Athletic potential and movement for FEI levels. Well suited for an AA rider with a balanced seat and light connection.  VIDEO LINK


2014 Bay PRE Andalusian Gelding

Companero is a lovely  16.3+H bay gelding in Ocala FL
He has a very nice walk, a lot of over reach, smooth gaits and he is totally amateur safe. His character is easy going, quiet and laid back. They have done a nice job bringing him along. The rider is 6'2" in this video clip:

Located in FL.


2014 Spanish Andalusian Gelding

 Catrina TSF x Mercurio MC. This athletic  copper bay gelding  is amazingly athletic and offered for sale. Last measured at 16.2 hands and growing. In professional dressage training with international gold medalist.  Uphill, amazing walk,  great suspension in the trot with a natural passage. Loads, trailers, and has excellent work ethic. Located in MD. VIDEO LINK