Conquistador XII  

This dazzling, regal PRE Andalusian stallion will impart exceptional quality to your breeding program. An emblematic stallion in his own right, he possesses the traditional breed traits sought after by discriminating breeders. 

Conquistador, aka “Dante” stands at 16.1H, is DNA color tested homozygous black, and comes from some of the finest breeding stock in all of Spain. This classical beauty has an unbelievable heritage in Spain. He is a prepotent sire imparting his best features. Many satisfied mare owners return to breed back to this glorious stallion.  His foals are very rarely offered for sale, the vast majority are bred to kept for life.

In limited showings, Conquistador has been awarded halter, best movement and performance wins, proving his versatility. His offspring are stunning foals with correct breed type and tremendous athleticism and expressive movement. He imparts straight legs, strong backs, arched necks, laid back shoulders, perfect sloped croup and low tail set with a beautiful lengthened hip and powerful loin. He consistently passes on his best qualities to his foals, including friendly, brave, curious, look-at-me attitudes and willingness to please, with an excellent work ethic! 

He also imparts three powerful gaits and impulsion from behind, as well as  presence, power, beauty and nobility. His foals mature slowly, and mature late, but are well worth the wait.

Conquistador XII  at 19 yrs old

Sire - Indiano XVIII

Dam - Jordana, daughter of Genil, Champion of Spain

Conquistador XII was sired by the incomparable Indiano XVIII, 6 time undefeated Champion in Spain. Indiano, the Lion of SPain, is one of the most influential stallions to ever cross the Atlantic. 

Conquistador's maternal grandsire, Genil, was Champion of Spain and bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas, the #1 breeder in Spain.

Both sides of his pedigree contain the finest lineage of the world renown Carthusian, or Cartujano horses, kept secluded for 3 centuries by the monks in Andalucia from the influx of other breeds ordered by the military stud.

Conquistador's stud book is limited in 2018. Don't miss this opportunity to infuse exceptional bloodlines into your program.


Standing at stud to a limited book  A.I. Only.
Shipped cooled fresh semen throughout USA, MEX, CAN. is available.
Mon-Fri. collections. A breeding evaluation report is provided.
Stud fees:   Purebreds $2000,   all other breeds $1000

Collection/shipping fee paid to vet by mare owner.

Multi-mare and volume discounts available. Return breeding discounts always honored.

Visit the website to see his photo gallery pages including his beautiful offspring, both purebred and crosses inherit his stamp.

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Marketed on behalf of Andalusians de Mythos

Standing in 2018:

PRE & Andalusian Portfolio

Standing at Stud...  CONQUISTADOR  XII

Conquistador XII

Revised P.R.E. Pure Spanish Stallion

16.1 H  Homozygous Black 

Registered in USA and Spain

Fresh Cooled Semen A.I.

STUD FEE:  $2000 Purebreds, $1000 All Others

contact  Susan  at 720.296.4524


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Conquistador's Ancestral Heritage

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